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A Moodboard that Motivates

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

I'm pretty sure we have all been there and sat down to really carefully think about what we want to do in the future, it's hard, isn't it?

I would always have my moments where I would be trying to figure my journey out, what I want to achieve in life, and everything else that topped this.

The importance to my life is that I want to be happy with whatever I am doing in my life and if I'm not, then I need to go back to the drawing board and figure out how I can change that because overall, why pursue something that you are not happy about.

I had seen some people do this before as well as seeing some of these collages on Pinterest and I like trying these things out to see if they work for me. I find it so fun doing crafty things like this and with this, I have also come across many creatives that have inspired my creative side and also my life journey.

Summer Moodboard by ava yamashita - @avamyama

I came across many life goals mood boards which inspired me to create my own. These types of mood boards are aimed at being positive and uplifting towards you thinking about where you want to see yourself in life and by creating a mood board, you can visualise and take in all of what that mood board is telling you through each image.

I decided to create one recently and call it a "Motivational Mood Board" because I was feeling a bit lost because of graduating from university recently with no exact pathway of where I wanted to be in life. I had all of these ideas, but unless I had something to look to, it was all confusion and a lot to take in. Visualising a mood board, helps me to put these thoughts into perspective and makes me determined to go out of my comfort zones in order to find my dream life that is out there waiting for me.

During the process of making one, I found it very relaxing and I really took time to think optimistically about how I aspire my life to look like. The experience and time to myself creating something that could shape my life, helped me a lot to keep looking forward and changing my pathways to get on the route to my life goals.

Made by Jasmine Fitze
Motivational Moodboard by Jasmine Fitze

I can't wait to create a couple more, one to physically print out and the other to have as a desktop page for my laptop.

Of course, life is meant to change all the time and you will come across many obstacles that will make your journey not so smooth. With this mood board to refer back to, it'll hopefully help you if you're ever doubting yourself to see your dream journey start to unfold if you keep pushing forward.

My interest account is @jasmine_fitze if you want to have a look at the mood boards I was inspired by and also have a look at the mood board which I put together myself. All the images I used to put together my mood board were images taken from Pinterest. I'm hoping on revisiting the mood board to start to include images of my own as I progress.

If you want to keep up with my journey through finding myself and creating my dream life, I have a lifestyle blogging Instagram account called @jasminefitze which you can go over to if you're interested and follow me. I also have a photography Instagram that focuses on travel and architecture @jasfitzephoto.

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