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Meet The Creator

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are doing well and are smashing it at life.

I thought It would make perfect sense to give you an in-depth introduction to me, my lifestyle, and my photography. I welcome you to sit back, relax, grab a coffee and cake, and have a read of this introduction blog.

I find a desire to travel to interesting places and photographing purpose, expression, and people's connections with architecture. I find it so exciting to discover the art, culture, and beauty of distinctive buildings and places. The three key points that I look for when creating content are colour, natural lighting, and patterns. It appeals to me to research into what all of these elements mean in my photographs and I find that satisfaction when I've created an image that I can't stop being drawn to.

Going onto my lifestyle content creating, it pretty much takes a similar pathway to my architecture and travel photography. You get a sense of style and place when you look at my photography, but with my lifestyle work, you delve right into reliving my moments that were made at that specific place or building. It takes even more of a personal route and I created my lifestyle content as documentation to take you guys on this journey with me in the hope that all of the content or at least some of it inspires and uplifts you into appreciating everything that there is to your life.

Now that I've spoken briefly about my photography and lifestyle content, you probably are wondering what my life is like outside of all of that. The lifestyle content that you see is 100% true to what my life is like, however, you may not see every little part that there is to it as I find it so important to live in the moment as well and not feel pressured into having to produce content for everything that you do. My other key interests are baking/cooking, home workouts, concerts, shopping, plants, and many others, the list could go on. Having an active lifestyle is so important to me as I find myself to be more motivated and happier when I am busy and have purposes for my days whether I do loads or not.

I am looking forward to coming to my blog page here and writing up about how I go about my life and I hope you enjoy this journey just as much as I do. I have so many plans and ideas in mind that I am working on, which I am so excited to show you all. The rest of 2021 and the start of 2022 will be my time to shine, try out new and amazing things, and be surrounded by the right people.

Remember that all of my online channels are a safe space for all to come together and feel free to share your thoughts/ feelings and get interactive with the type of content that I post.

To wrap this introduction, stay tuned on all of my social media accounts, keep up to date with my blog page here, and feel welcome to look through the rest of my website.




Take Care :)

Jas x

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