I love creating unique and exciting projects, whether they are big or small. I create projects based around architecture and travel and in some of these projects, you will see an element to my lifestyle content in there too. Some of these projects have been carried out as part of my university studies, where as most of the other projects are personal projects.


I am more than welcome to discuss any projects, new ideas and collaborations with you, just head over to my contacts page and send an email to jasminefitzephotography@gmail.com


One Colour, One Series

A project that focuses on mainly interior architecture, with some elements of exterior work that is inspired by one colour. As you go through this series of work, you will get a sense of textures, colours, and expressions. 

Visuals coming soon...

What I imagined

Aims on capturing the beauty of the place that I am from and manipulate the imagery into my imaginative version of the world. I want to show positive emotions in my photographs as a symbol of light at the end of the tunnel especially with the pandemic that we have had. To be able to express in my photographs the different moods and feelings that really represented how I felt around nature during the pandemic and the weird world that we are in currently. 

Visuals coming soon...


When Buildings Breathe

An architecturally conceptual project that focuses on the connections between architecture and nature.

I think it's important to us that we don't become detached from nature and we need to appreciate it more, which is why I created this series of work to be able to reflect on those connections from a town and a village perspective.

Paranormal Plymouth

This series focused on exploring the haunted and spooky places and buildings around Plymouth. There are many historical stories and facts about each image.

something different copy.jpg
clouds layered.jpg

The Sky With No Limits

A conceptual project that documents my thoughts, feelings and general mindset during the first lockdown through capturing skyscapes and cloudscapes as a diary of my days.