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Updated: Jun 12

Looking for a place with a cosy ambience, boutique-looking interiors, a fantastic variety of food and drink, and a great time, then I may have something for you.

Cosy Club is one of my favourite restaurants to visit, with so much to offer.

What's great about this place is that each one dotted around the UK is slightly different, highlighting their own characters and reflecting on their locations.

I decided to try out the Cosy Club in Plymouth after having an amazing experience in the one in Bath, I was keen to visit again in a different location, that being my home city.

I got there around 11 am as I was fancying a brunch meal. This time was fairly quiet which was ideal and very chill.

The decor at this place was so beautiful, every little bit of detail. So bold and vibrant, the warm colours of blue popped out and showed off its true reflections on this ocean city. The classy prints up on the walls make it look as if you were walking into an art gallery. The lights were so beautiful and fitted in within the style that Cosy Club goes for, this modern Art Deco style of interiors, which is one of my favourite types of architecture.

Sitting down at my table, I had a jug of water, and then upon taking my order I went for the Cosy Eggs (eggs Benedict) for my main and a mocha for a drink.

Both were so nice for many reasons. The mocha was so warm, frothy, and toasty to enjoy, with plenty of chocolate and sweet notes running through the drink. It’s a drink I would definitely have again.

The Cosy Eggs looked immaculate, I was impressed with the simple presentation of this dish. So creamy, full of fantastic flavours, and enough to fill me up without it being too much. The hollandaise was so smooth and vibrant, I loved how the sauce seeped into the bun and the beautifully poached eggs.

Overall this was an amazing solo trip out, and I would 100% go back to the Cosy Club in Plymouth again, plus the other ones around the UK.

Next time I would love to try out their Morning Cooler drink which is lemon, elderflower, and mint, finished with soda and cucumber. A cocktail I would like to try out next is the Passionfruit & Orange Blossom Spritz, though all their spritzes sound amazing! Their fruity and sweet white wine selection is also appealing to me, especially the Verdejo Casa Albali which is Spain aromatic, apple, and tropical fruit flavours.

I haven't actually been to Cosy Club in the evening, so I think an evening trip is needed to try out their menu. What's catching my attention is the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with fries, slaw, and smoked red pepper aioli.

If you liked what you saw here, I will leave their website and social media accounts below for you to check out.


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