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Solo brunch date at Boston Tea Party

Diary documentation of what I got up to when I went to the Boston Tea Party, as well as a run-through of what I had on the menu.

A few days before I went on this brunch date, I wasn't feeling my best and I wanted to turn this around by making some plans to get out of the house and do whatever came to mind. This is when I thought to myself that I'll go to Plymouth and Boston Tea Party for an early brunch.

I hadn't been to Boston Tea Party before and I knew that I had to try it out, especially the one in Plymouth that I had been passed so many times and the location setting is truly amazing. This is a place that you walk into and not book before online, so that is handy if you are wandering about and want to keep your options open. I knew that the day that I went was going to be fairly quiet because it was a late morning during the week.

Feel free to check out my Instagram where I have posted a reel and a series of images of this trip. See below for the specific links to these posts:

Boston Tea Party Reel:

Boston Tea Party Carousel:


The location I have to say is stunning, right along the Plymouth Barbican and Harbour area, it could not be situated in a more lovely place. An ideal brunch spot for the sunny weather where you can sit outside or walk around this area of Plymouth with the city centre and shopping areas within walking distance.

I loved this day because the weather was so nice, even though I opted to sit inside, but I could then have a slow walk around the barbican afterwards which I loved, and then took a stroll up to the shopping centre to buy myself a cuddly dino from Clintons. I am fully aware that I have too many plushies to count, but it was justifiable I promise.

What I loved about this place was the architecture that Boston Tea Party had taken up the space within, I have a soft spot for old architecture and it fits in within the area too.

Food & drink

I was very excited when going through the menu, I saw that they had a lot of food and drink options which was great but also I wanted a lot of it, so there is definitely a plan to go back here soon to try out some more yummy items.

It's great that you could make the order yourself using the QR code on the table and the app, but if that seems too technical for your liking then you can always place your order with a waiter. I loved it because you could take your time and also pay online there and then.

I decided on having an iced mocha for my drink choice. I saw that it had avocado in it which I have never seen in a drink before, and you know me, I love trying out different things. For someone who isn't a big fan of avocado, I really enjoyed this drink, it was super lush and full of flavours. I also added caramel sauce to the drink which enhance it even more.

For my main course, I had Eggs Benedict which included Ham, poached eggs, hollandaise, sourdough toast, radish, cress, za’atar. I also added grilled halloumi on the side. I had never had radish in my life, but after having it in this meal, I would totally have it again. The plating was to perfection, the whole dish looked so colourful and appealing, definitely didn't last long that's for sure, so yummy!

Then looking through the rest of the menu I came across their dessert selection which I could not miss out on having such a sweet tooth. I ended up going for a banana, chocolate, and caramel loaf. Oh my days, the flavour combinations were so good, and an item I will keep in mind for making at home at some point. I do love making homemade banana loaves, and I think I have found a new favourite loaf.


The place inside was very warm and had a rustic feel to the interiors, which fits in with the place where it is located. I loved the old wooden look of the tables and the pops of colour running through the rooms, the antique industrial lighting, which I was obsessed with the second I step foot in the door.

Summary and Would I Go Again

Overall, I had a great experience going to Boston Tea Party, and I would without a doubt go again. The variety of items, reasonable prices, the presentation of the dishes, easy to order with the options, the environment of the place was welcoming and very chill, and I would recommend this place. A place you can certainly go by yourself, with friends, or even with a big group, this place has a space for everyone.

For Further Details

If this looks and sounds like your ideal place to visit, then you can find out more through the social media and website links below.


Plymouth Instagram:



Happy eating and drinking! Go out there and consume some yummy foods and refreshing drinks.

If you have any cafe recommendations either in Plymouth or anywhere else, comment below, I'd love to know and find out some other places to go to.

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