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A Morning Trip to Lifton Strawberry Fields for Pumpkin Fest

On Saturday 16th October I went on a trip to Lifton Strawberry Fields for their annual Pumpkin Festival.

I recommend you go to a Pumpkin Field or Farm around this time of year. The atmosphere at these places are great for families, couples, friends or even by yourself.

The last time I went was back in 2017, so I was expecting a few chances when I went to it this year. When I went back in 2017, I was doing a photoshoot there for a college assignment. I was photographing autumnal things for a series of images at the end of it.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about my trip to Lifton Strawberry Fields. If you're still with me right through towards the end, I will be highlighting a few places that I recommend you go to for Pumpkin madness. There is one place in particular that I have noted that I would love to go to next year.

It was the first day of the Pumpkin Festival at Lifton Farm which was great. I got there at around 10 am and spent a good couple or so hours there getting some Instagram photos, looking around at the Pumpkin displays, and browsing in the great big farm shop. When I went in 2017, the farm shop was no way near as big as it is now, it's so spacious and there is a lot more produce in there, and of course, more pumpkins.

I did end up buying three little munchkin pumpkins as they were super adorable, and they were on a deal of 3 for £5. All the pumpkins range in prices, so definitely the place to go if you like getting different styles. Sometimes you don't always get a variety in the supermarkets.

They have such a variety of pumpkins ranging in sizes, shapes, types, and colours. I am that person who favourites the standard orange ones and also the white ones.

I, of course, had to go and have a look in the great big farm shop. They sell the most amazing brownies, and when I got one last time, I just knew that I had to get one this time. It has almost become some sort of tradition. I love that they've opened out the farm shop to cater for more amazing elements. They have a lot more fresh fruit and veg, as well as plenty more pumpkins, as well as a section where you can fill up your own glass bottle of milk and an orange juice machine. They have a bigger deli counter for meat.

What I love about Strawberry Fields, is that the place is situated out of the way a little bit and off of the main road.

The restaurant and cafe are so spacious and you have such a lovely greenery area outside where there are also tables and chairs for you to sit outside if you want, as well as a small play area for the kids.

What made the day even better was the fact that the weather was dry and cool, but not too cold, so I was properly getting in the autumn mood.

Some Pumpkin Farms in the UK:

  1. Strawberry Fields, Lifton - The link is below this section.

  2. Tulleys Farm, West Sussex -

  3. Millets Farm, Oxfordshire -

  4. Kenyon Hall Farm, Warrington -

To have a look at Strawberry Fields further and get more of a feel for it, you can head over to their website through this link

As much as I have had an amazing autumn doing a few things to get into the autumn mood, I am also excited for the festive season that is not too far away.

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