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Book Chats, Reviews, and Recommendations

Let this be a small library space where you can discover some new and interesting books to read. From simple book reviews to going through my small collection, and giving you some recommendations.

Going years back I never was that interested in reading, not unless it was reading articles online or social media posts, other than that, it didn’t appeal to me. I found it boring and my mum would often try to get me and my brothers to read, so I would try to pick the books with the least amount of pages and text.

During the pandemic, I started buying a few books that I liked, and then they ended up in a draw for months. Eventually, I got around to finding a routine in the days that suited me and put some time back to actually start reading these books. I knew that I didn’t want to get rid of them and was eager to pick up reading as a hobby, and I have to say, I’m glad that I took that step. There was something in my life missing and I felt very over consumed with the digital aspects of my life like social media, photography, tv, and other things. I needed that balance of different things and I didn’t think that I would be turning to reading, but I forgot just how peaceful it is, for your mind to be taken to a different world.

There is something about setting and completing a goal quite special, it gives us encouragement and boosts us to carry on like it.

Through my time of reading, I have discovered so many exciting books and have followed more book people on Instagram because I just love seeing their book finds and the level of inspiration I get from social media on the types of books that appeal to me.

Instagram book accounts that I recommend you check out:






I have a variety of interests in books. I mostly love architecture and travel photography books, the pretty images against the interesting stories, I love trying to understand how the pieces fit together and work as a collective.

I also love reading paranormal stories, and celebrity autobiographies. I’ve been into haunted stories for a while, looking back on the years I’ve spent watching paranormal investigations on tv or reading up on articles online, even getting around to photographing a “Paranormal Plymouth” series which you can find on my Instagram and website. Celebrity culture has been interesting too for a while, the love I have overseeing people's progressions and reading up on their life stories, really appeals to me and gives me that motivation. It’s an area of reading that I got into first.

My book collection

What I am Reading Currently:

- Great Cities The Stories Behind the World’s Most Fascinating Places

So far so good, I’m loving learning more about the major cities and how they’ve evolved over the years. The snippets of imagery and facts about each place appeals to me.

My Next read:

- Dreaming of Rome by T.A Williams

I picked up this book because the cover drew me in as well as the title. I am a dreamer and love travel so this book is definitely one I would enjoy. I can’t wait to get stuck into it. It’s a fictional book but has a very interesting storyline.

What I have read:

- Michael Mcintyre: A Funny Life Autobiography

I loved this book. I have actually seen Michael McIntyre live and when reading through this book, I felt like I was listening to him live which was pretty cool. Everything he had to say was relatable and of course, funny.

- Haunted Plymouth by Kevin Hynes

As mentioned further up the page, I am obsessed with watching and reading up on paranormal activities, so I knew I had to pick this book up in-store. I have also carried out a photography project during my university studies in my city Plymouth. When I did this project, I often studied the old buildings and areas of Plymouth and captured them in some gloomy weather, which you can find all images on this website or on my photography Instagram @jasfitzephoto. This book takes you through each part of Plymouth and into detail about the haunted stories from each building or area and the investigation recording documentation, which I found really interesting.

- Good Vibes Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking your Greatness by Vex King

I didn’t think that I would like this book as much as I did when I started reading it. Going back years ago I wasn't in an ideal spot to think positively about life and was reluctant to buy a book based on life as I thought it would be too much. Overall this book was insightful and uplifting, and I could relate to a lot of the points as well as being informed by some helpful advice. It really made me think of the perspective that I am in and think about what I need to do to keep moving forward.

- Accidentally Wes Anderson by Wally Koval

A book that was full of amazing architecture and travel stories from around the world. So many beautiful places that I want to visit at some point in my life, and this book has definitely inspired me to see more places, even just in the UK. You get so much from this book of some interesting facts about the buildings and structures. What I love is that this book was created as a collective showcase of incredible and talented photographers and creators that captured elements that looked like out of a Wes Anderson Film.

- Pretty City London by Siobhan Ferguson

Now this book is one of three and what a fantastic way to start than to have read up on the beautiful city of London. This was that kind of book that I couldn’t put down, I ended up not taking long at all to finish it. Having read this book has opened my eyes to more pretty places in London and seen more of the not so obvious locations. I am visiting London towards the end of the year so I am very excited to create an itinerary of where to go and what to do.

I am looking forward to getting the other book to complete the series which is the Pretty City Dublin. Siobhan also has a new one coming out soon called Pretty City Paris, which I am very excited for that one to be published.

What I have yet to read:

- Kelly Brook Close Up Autobiography

- Michael McIntyre Life & Laughing Autobiography

- Ant & Dec Once Apon A Tyne

- T.A Williams Dreaming of Verona

- Dwell Magazine July/August 2021 Addition

- Architectural Digest Magazine October 2021 Addition

- Aesthetica Magazine April/ May 2021 Addition

- Islands of Abandonment Life in the Post-Human Landscape

- Union J Our Story

- One More Croissant for the Road

My book wish list:

- Pretty City Dublin

- One Italian Summer

- The Paris Connection

- Odeon Relics

We have come to the final bit of my blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading through the simple book summaries and reviews and learnt a lot about the type of books I am into.

If you have any book suggestions, please do comment the books under this post. I am still getting my way through reading and am coming across so many old and new books.

Happy reading!

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Isa A
Isa A
Jun 14, 2022

Wow this was a long list. Celebrity autobiography I found interesting I've never read those. I really found the Koval book intriguing. Covid changed lifestyles for many. Enjoy reading. Xx

Isa A. Blogger

Jasmine Fitze
Jasmine Fitze
Jun 18, 2022
Replying to

I love reading up on celebrity books especially as you get to know them before fame and a bit of their lifestyle. Yes it’s a great book, very motivational! Thankyou so much x


Great post. Thank you for sharing. Also, check us out at to see what we are all about.

Jasmine Fitze
Jasmine Fitze
Jun 08, 2022
Replying to

Thankyou for taking the time to have a read through this post, I’m so glad you like it! Ahh I’ll go and check out your site :)


The Michael Mcintyre autobiography sounds really good; I think I'd enjoy reading that too. You've got a really interesting variety of books here; thanks for the reading inspiration!

Jasmine Fitze
Jasmine Fitze
Jun 07, 2022
Replying to

Yes I can’t wait to read the other book of his. So insightful, relatable and funny. Thanks, I’m so glad to have discovered so many books of different varieties that appeal to me very much :)


one more croissant seems like a cute read! looks like you read some really great books lately. thanks for sharing!

Jasmine Fitze
Jasmine Fitze
Jun 05, 2022
Replying to

I think the cover and title really drew me into buying the book, then once I had read the back I just knew that it was a book that I would get so stuck into. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this post and I’m happy that I’ve shared this with you :)


I just saw One More Croissant for the Road in Waterstones and it sounds good, much different to what I usually read, but it's on my list of books to read.

Caroline |

Jasmine Fitze
Jasmine Fitze
Jun 05, 2022
Replying to

I haven’t got around to reading it yet but when I read the back it was definitely one that I loved the sound of. I love travel writing books especially with this one being a culinary adventure. I’ll definitely share a more in depth review on this blog at some point.

thanks so much for leaving your page, I’ll go and check it out! :)

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