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A Warm & Cosy Autumn Evening

I love a good cosy night in and what makes it even better are the little additional things that you can add to make your evening super cosy, warm, and comforting. Below are a few examples of the things I like to have when I am fancying a chilled-out evening.

Fairy Lights

To start with, I have to say that the one thing that I can't live without and is a must for any cosy evenings in the house are fairy lights. I adore them and they make the atmosphere of the room so vibrant and homely. My room currently looks like a grotto with the number of fairy lights I have in my room, and I ain't complaining.

You can get a mixture of fairy lights that are either battery-operated or plug-in ones. I have a lot of battery ones and you can get these in many different home, decor, and lifestyle shops. You can even get some cool-looking ones online, so I would recommend having a look for yourself and seeing what fairy lights you vibe with.

I'm a warm white type of person when it comes to lights. Sometimes if I see any cute fairy lights with anything like stars or Christmas trees on them, I go for them as well.

Salt Lamp

I'm just going to say that this was one of my best buys from TK Maxx. I have had this salt lamp since uni and it has come a long way. They are so aesthetically pretty to look at and I tend to keep mine on for the majority of the day. I got it in this shop for around £20, so it was a decent price for the quality and how it is still going to this day. I am sure that you can also get these salt lamps in other places if they don't have the same salt lamp in TK Maxx as I got it a couple of years or so ago. I know that shops such as Primark, Urban Outfitters, B&M, and anywhere online such as Amazon or eBay do them. Just search for 'Himalayan Salt Lamp'.

What I like about it is that it comes with dimmable settings so that you can have it at whatever brightness you want.

Depending on your salt lamp, you can also get different colour light bulbs if you are wanting to go with a certain colour theme, but I would check the box on your salt lamp just to make sure. They do have certain light bulbs fit for these lamps. I have gotten my light bulbs off of eBay and they have done the job perfectly.

I just love how the salt lamp vibes with my room and adds that natural element with the wooden platform that the rock is on and the best thing is that each salt lamp will have a slightly different size or shape to it which is super cool. I am thinking of at some point getting another one at some point.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are believed to have natural salt which has healing properties too. So its purpose is to get rid of all that negative energy. I did get the salt lamp for this reason, as I wanted something in my room to keep me chill with the amount of university work that I had, plus other things going on. Whether it does work or not, I believe that it still adds character to any room, and the warm light gives off those cosy vibes for a nice evening in.


Candles are just so therapeutic and calming, they are a great addition to the house and your cosy evenings. I love candles all year round, but especially around the Autumn and Wintertime when I get excited over the seasonal scented candles. I've in the past adored the Yankee Candles as they've brought out so many lovely ones like the Christmas Cookie, Frosty Gingerbread, Woodland Road Trip, Autumn Sunset, Cinnamon Sticks, and many more incredible creations.

I tend to light my candles in the evening when I am settling down with a nice hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate, whilst watching some tv on my laptop, and surrounded by my millions of plushies, I just feel so content in this environment.

Hot Chocolate

Picture this, hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows, and sprinkles, sat in front of a log fire, watching some spooky or festive films, and not to forget, the thick comforting blanket to snuggle up in. It sounds like such a lovely environment to be in. As much as you probably have seen me having my fair share of coffees I do also love a decent hot chocolate. What has been running through my head since being on Tik Tok were these hot chocolate bombs that everyone was making, and I thought that was such a cool idea. I get easily amused by the smallest things like watching the chocolate ball melt and the marshmallows and hot chocolate powder burst out of them.

It's wonderful how creative you can get with hot chocolates, or even if you just wanted to be simple with the chocolate powder on its own with any kinds of milk from oat milk, semi-skimmed, or Soya, we all have our ways of enjoying a nice cup of this delicious drink.

I always think to myself that you can level up your cosiness by having a cute mug, it just makes the drink so much more special, don't you think. I am an absolute sucker for collecting cute mugs and glasses. My favourite one to have my drinks out of currently is the Stag glass mug from B&M. Everyone has been going crazy for this mug, and I can see why.

Blankets, Pillows & Plushies

I am a mad lover of Plushies, a lot of them being Disney-related because who doesn't love a good Disney plushie. I think they are so amazing for adding character to the room and are super cuddly. To me, they are great companions in their special way.

I probably have an overload of blankets, but I mean, who puts a limit on blankets, you really can't go wrong with them. Ideal for wrapping yourself up, especially as the evenings are starting to get colder and the evenings are drawing in darker earlier.

Pillows are not only great decor to be surrounded by, but they are also great for making some cosy little corners in your house or when you want to watch a film, making a cosy den out of them. Who says that only kids can make dens.

Lush Bath Bomb Self Care

You need to get yourself to Lush as soon as. I'm saying this because they have such a variety of amazing bath products that will have you wanting to come back for more.

I went to Lush recently and their Christmas range is just too cute. I picked up a few of their Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars. I am looking forward to having a cosy evening with one of these products.

Trust me, your room will smell of Lush for a little while once a Lush product has entered your house. It is an amazing feeling when that happens.

Sweet Treats & Snacks

I think we can all agree that a cosy night in, definitely requires some sweet treats and/or savory snacks. I have quite a sweet tooth so I am more into my pick n mix and chocolate. B&M and Tesco are winning it for me when it comes to bringing out some incredible creations. My favourite snacks would be Magic Stars, Fizzy Watermelons, M&M's, and Cola Bottles. I could go on a long list, but these are some standouts outs for me and ones that I have been craving recently.

Evening wear

Imagine this, you get back from what seems like the longest day at work or out of the house doing whatever you were doing and instantly changing into some warm comfy clothes. My go-to outfits for evening wear are fluffy Disney Primark PJ Bottoms. I have a couple of these pairs and omg, they are the comfiest. I hope they do more because you best believe I will be running to Primark asap to get my hands on some.

I also wear my hoodie blanket a lot. I got this one from amazon, so not an Oodie, but does the job perfectly. I shall link it below this section for you to have a see for yourself.

I also love wearing either slipper socks or my Disney slippers around the house almost 24/7.

Animal Crossing

I don't do this every evening, but I have to say that it is so relaxing being able to go on my Nintendo Switch after a long day and play on Animal Crossing. It is my most favourite game to play and I could not recommend it enough if you have a Switch or are looking at getting one, this is a game you will soon become addicted to.

I just love everything about it, designing my island to look all cute, collecting seasonal items, and talking to the lovely villagers, and fishing/ catching bugs, there is a lot to keep your mind active, but also calm and collective at the same time. I feel in a different world, it all feels so dreamy and I can put any sort of negative thoughts away and focus on what makes me happy and wind down.

I also really like watching Youtube videos or going on Twitter to see how other people have created their islands so pretty, and I have to say, I am so impressed by a lot of people's animal crossing islands.

Overall, these are a few of my favourite ways of chilling out in the evening and the things I like to cosy up with. I am sure that some of you have other amazing ideas and essentials which is cool, and some of you may be able to relate to the ones I've talked about in this blog post.

As it is getting into the much colder months, I am so ready to get all the blankets out and the hot chocolate, with my fluffy socks and seasonal films.

I'm going to finish this blog post off with one question, What's one thing that you like to do in the evening to chill and have a cosy night in?

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I Love all of this! I’ve got to have blankets and hot chocolate to cosy up with and I’m obsessed with Lush products—they always smell amazing. Thanks for such a lovely post.

Jasmine Fitze
Jasmine Fitze
Oct 18, 2021
Replying to

Thankyou so much! yes I’m with you on that. I may need to return to Lush soon to stock up on some more products 😍

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