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I'm Fall-ing for Autumn

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Where do I start, this season is by far one of my favourite season of all time along with Winter. I just love everything about it.

Just imagine the dark cosy nights, with the log fire warming the house up, sitting watching a movie with a nice hot chocolate or Cinamon Spiced coffee, sounds so comforting right?

I am certainly ready for this season and all its glory. The type of content I am aiming on producing, I am so ready to show you all. If you want to keep up with that, then head over to my Instagram. My user name is @jasminefitze and my photography one is @jasfitzephoto I shall be posting there quite regularly and sharing some of your amazing autumnal pics to get us in the mood, so what are you waiting for.

I am going to list some of my must-haves or do's this season. I mean the list could have gone on for days, but I thought I would selectively pick some of the key things that I look forward to most in Autumn. I hope some if not all of you can relate to some of these and I also hope to inspire you along the way.

But First, Coffee

We have to start with the pumpkin spiced lattes that Starbucks and other coffee shops do at this time of the year. I am a mad lover of coffee so this has always been up there for me. I have also tried some other lush coffees around such as the salted maple latte and omg, it is heaven honestly. I am very excited to try others out and get inspired by what other people have tried out as well, so if you know of any amazing drinks then let me know either in the comments here or on Instagram.

Not only do I enjoy having these coffees, what also adds to the experience is the cosy atmosphere in these coffee shops that make it one of my favourite places to chill.

Warm Fluffy Coats

I have to say, I do take some pride in the number of coats I have and most of them are for the Autumn and Winter times. They just go with pretty much every outfit you can put together. Basically if In doubt about what to wear, you can be sure that a fluffy coat will come into the equation somewhere.

When I look for inspiration on Pinterest, I often spend a long time there because I discover so many great outfits that fit my style of preferences. If you want to follow me on Pinterest and have a look at some inspiration from what I have saved, I'll link my account at the end of this blog post.

To get your hands on some lovely coats for this season, I have bought mine from a variety of retail shops such as NewLook, Primark, Urban Outfitters and I'm sure there are many others out there that fit your preferences. I tend to go for mid-long or long coats as I like to go big and oversized with the type of clothing I wear around this time.

You will for sure be seeing me wear oversized jeans and tops, along with light colour or tartan scarfs and ankle boots, with the fluffy coat finishing the looks.

Interior decor

When I say you need to run to B&M, I really do mean it. They have the cutest colourful decorative pumpkins in the colours orange, beige, white, light green, light blue, and light pink. I searched high and low for these when they first came out because some places had them and some didn't. They do complete the room nicely and I just can't tell you enough how great they are. I hope you know what I am on about, or maybe I've just had a mad few minutes ahaha. Anyways, I will link you to the B&M page where you can see what they look like and how you can use them to your advantage in your home.

Let's move on from the pumpkin craze and talk about the other lovely things that make your room look autumn cosy. I find fairy lights so easy to add to any room and they just change the whole mood of the room. My room currently stands like a Christmas grotto with the amount that I have, and I ain't complaining. You can get standard led ones in warm, cool, or multi-coloured or you can go fancy and get some star LEDs or some other festive ones that they do in some shops if you search about. Curtain lights are my next go-to ones, which surprisingly I haven't got yet, but that shall not be long until that changes.

The third thing that I recommend is candles and wax melts. I find these so calming and perfect for a warm and cosy evening or part of a self-care routine. One place I bought candles from over the Summer that I very much rate is Dole Wicks Candles. I will link her Instagram below this paragraph so that you can follow and support her if you like small businesses like this. She sells wax melts, candles, and many other magical products inspired by the best place on earth that is Disney.

I mean just look at how cute the packing is, the scent is out of this world. You best believe that I will be making a purchase again, hopefully very soon. I just love lighting a few candles after a long day and chilling right out, they just add to the cosiness of the room and I could not recommend getting your hands on some cute candles. If you are worried about having real candles around your house for whatever reason, places like B&M and Wilko do some artificial tea lights which will still add to the warm autumnal atmosphere of your home.

Dole Wicks Candle Instagram:

Dole Wicks Candle Website to Shop:

Many other elements that you can add to your homes are seasonal flowers or small ornaments that you can put on a fireplace or fill some empty spaces that can add some more character to each room in your house. Some good places at the moment to shop for cute ornaments and other decorative items are Tiger, Primark, H&M Home, M&S, B&M, plus loads more.

Pumpkin Patch Field

You can't beat a day trip out to a Pumpkin Patch. One that I went to a few years back called Lifton Strawberry farms and each year they hold a few Halloween events and provide a wide range of Pumpkins, different sizes, shapes, and colours that you can take a wheelbarrow and go pick your own, which is the most exciting thing. I'm not done there, they also have such a lovely cafe/ restaurant and grocery store where they sell the most delicious brownies ever.

To finish off this cosy autumnal blog post, I would like to ask you what you are looking forward to this Autumn? Have you got any exciting plans? Think about it and feel free to comment below.

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Love all of these suggestions. It makes me excited for everything this season has to offer.

Thank you for including the candles. I am on the lookout for some!

Jasmine Fitze
Jasmine Fitze
Oct 14, 2021
Replying to

Literally! I love this season so much. You’re welcome lovely ☺️


Pumpkins sum up the season for sure. I like the leaves turning and weather changing.

Jasmine Fitze
Jasmine Fitze
Oct 10, 2021
Replying to

Yess they just make everything great! Ohh the atmosphere when the weather changes and the leaves are on the ground is so nice 😃

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