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Nature & The Mind

Nature helps to cleanse and heal your mindset which gives you many positive thoughts, improves your mental health and well-being.

It can be quite peaceful and calming when being surrounded by woodland areas or isolated places and doing outdoor activities, nature opens up so many opportunities for us to feel empowered and to find ourselves.

Looking back at the years we've had, with the world in a completely different place to what it was like before the Pandemic, It has been just as important for people to get outside and be able to have that part of the freedom that they could have and to put their mindset in a more positive perspective.

Thinking ahead to the future, you can see that a lot more businesses now are starting to go part remote or taking their business into a fully remote way of working. This means that lifestyle change is being considered more than before because usually, you would move somewhere within the convenience of being close to work. My opinion on this is that I am from a remote area myself living in a village in Cornwall, so I can understand the level of people moving away from cities to give themselves a different perspective of their lifestyle to live from and creating that new chapter of life for them.

“It is safe to relax. It is time now to let go of tension. My mind is quietening. My body is now restoring.”

I think this quote here very much speaks on behalf of a lot of how we feel when we come into contact with nature and when we connect with the outside world.

When I go out for walks in the countryside where I am from in Cornwall, I feel like my mind is getting rid of the negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive things. There is so much more to nature than just being surrounded by the visual aspects of the landscapes in nature, but to hear the peaceful sounds adds to the whole experience.

How can nature benefit my mental health?

It can do a lot of things really from improving your mood to reducing the stress that you might be having especially at the moment with the pandemic and the pressures that comes with it. Not only can being outdoors improve your mental health but also your physical health too and that can make you feel better about yourself. Your self-esteem and confidence will benefit and help you grow as an individual which will make you have that feeling of achievement and give yourself a purpose.

I have started making it an aim this year to go out for a 20-30 minute walk each day. Sometimes I'll even go out for two walks in the day, one early morning, and one early evening. I love the morning crispness and fresh air, but to see the sun setting at the end of the day with a countryside walk, is quite beautiful and therapeutic.

“Study Nature, love Nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you. - Frank Lloyd Wright

It's amazing to have come across Frank Lloyd Wright because, in all of his architectural designs, he considered nature and all the elements to it to create these stunning buildings such as the "Fallingwater" in Pennsylvania. His work and the concepts behind his designs have inspired me to produce some photographic work of my own in a recent project of mine "When Buildings Breathe".

Get Inspired

Have a look on my Instagram - @jasminefitzephotography where I have done a project called "When Buildings Breathe", which was based on the connections between architecture and nature. The concept explores how nature's involvements are different in a town and a village. How nature also improves the way of living and seeing how the land is used.

My lifestyle Instagram account @jasminefitze also gives you an insight into some of my Cornish countryside living, and you can expect to see some lovely snapshots of nature and the landscapes around where I live.

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